Tadato Goraihouji is one of the main characters and is the president of the Student Council.


He is blonde and wears an school uniform. He does wear other clothes when not in school or when is needed. He is shorter than his other friends dispite the fact that they are in the same year. He is also one of the few boys in school that girls wants to date.


Cheerful and is often not suprised by much, he is usually in a good mood. However there are some cases that he acts rather to himself and doesn't share this with Shinya or Naoki. He seems to know about Naoki's problem with getting Shinya's affections and seems to notice that Shinya maybe has feelings to Naoki. He does things that both Shinya and Naoki are afraid of or in cases that it scares them to death.


He is the son of the board chairman of one of the richest schools: Goraihou Academy.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • He has the power to fight ghost head on which is strange as Shinya or Naoki can't.
  • He is able to fight on his own or karate his own.

He always seems to be carrying an bat with nails on it. Its always seems to be with him even thought none has ever notice that he even carries it.



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