Naoki Mashiba is one of the main characters and he is the secretary of the Student Council.


He has brown hair and wears an school uniform. He does wear other clothes when not in school or when needed. He is also one of the wanted boy in the school to have as an boyfriend.


He is carefree and enjoys spending time with his friends. He is considered lucky by many people and even himself. He would given chances or tries to get Shinya's affection though most of the times he fails. He tends to get scared at many things mostly from what his friends do or the spirits themsleves. He sometimes can be serious, but mostly when Shinya shows his "dark" side or when someone tries to take him away.


He is the second son of the famous Mashiba family. His family was basicly poor and not much to fear at back then. That all change when by chance Naoki brought an lottery ticket and won. He won the lottery four more times meaning that he won the lottery five times changing his family status.


Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • He is good at sports as shown that he got in the school by an sports recommendtion.
  • He is good at guessing things and is the "lucky charm" of the Student Council.

He is however an poor student by grades and tends to need help on school mostly homework or the exam.


Shinya SakuragawaEdit

During their first year, Naoki fell in love with Shinya at first sight, only to realize that 'she' was a man second later. However, he became Shinya's first friend in high school and they hung out often. It is shown that he still harbors deep feelings of love for Shinya, being very possessive over him and tries to hug him any chance he gets. Shinya, unfortunately, does not seem to repriocate the feelings. However, Shinya cares greatly about Naoki and occasionally shows hints of mutual feelings. Most of the time, however, Shinya beats Naoki up for being annoying. Naoki is often vying for Shinya's affections against many rivals. 



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