Gen (Gen-san) is one of the few ghosts that lives in the school. He was the one that started the adventure and helps the main characters on their journey.


He appears to be an ghost however he appears black and not in human shape like what most ghosts would be. He always appears to be smiling though he does shows sadness when bad things happen. He does try to act cute like the time when he sat in an box to act cute. He does wear clothes that Shinya makes.


He does not talk though however he can draw or guides the guys to right place. He is often happy and doesn't do much other than stay at the Student Council room. He cares deeply for animals and often feeds straies that he finds or bring the animals to the Student Council to take care of.


He was first discovered when the Shinya was asked to investigate sightings of a ghost by his classmates. The council memebers found him stealing food from the school kitchens to try and take care of a litter of kittens. The council reassured him that they would take care of the animals and so he was left in peace. Shortly after, Gen moved into the room that the council occupy, sleeping in a cardboard box containing a blanket. Since then, strange things have been happening around the school and elsewhere, a coincidence noticed by the Council members.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • He can sense other spirits.
  • Guides the guys to the right places.
  • Knows a lot about the ghosts that appears in the school.

He is an nice ghost and is not an bad ghost.



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